TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Dee Fry)

When the TF2 arrived in its shiny green bottle and I couldn't wait to try it out, the size of the bottle allowed it to be stored in the tool kit which is taken everywhere! Little did the bottle know it was just about to undertake a massive test as the weeks turned from dry to wet...then wetter!!

I was really concerned when I first applied the lube as it was really runny, but it seems a little goes a long way! I was worried that the bottle would last 2 minutes of use, but after numerous training rides and a few races there is still loads left.

I have used the lube on everything, rear and front mechs, cables, chain, even wiping a little on the forks to keep the seals supple. The stuff works brilliantly, in a couple of recent races, the conditions were more like bog snorkelling, the bike (and me) were literally caked in mud, but the drive train and gears continued to work brilliantly, long after the brake pads had given up the ghost.

I feel the lube has now had a thorough testing, in some very extreme conditions, and can definitely say "it has passed the test, with flying colours"

Overall great product - will definitely be using in future, just need some for my joints now!!!