TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Gary Tumilty)

Well due to lots of other commitments cycling has sort of been on the back burner for a while. However, I had received a wonderful package in the post that needed testing – Weldtite TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant.

Looking at the bottle it seemed a bit different from other lubricants I have used in the past, the two most noticeable things about the design where that it comes in a clear bottle (Handy to see what you are getting and how much is left) and the removable screw cap seemed to actually do its job (a nice positive ‘click’ feeling on tightening it fully). Other features of note where the perfect sized nozzle tip for ease of application. On the design side of things Weldtite have got this bottle spot on!

Looking at the product itself it seemed to be very fluid and unlike anything I’d used in the past. The fluidity of it meant that it reached into all parts of the drivetrain easily and the fact that it was green meant it was easy to see where it had been applied – no more watching for the removable link, which I’m sure has meant I’ve often applied double the amount of lubricant in the past than what was actually needed. You don’t need to apply as much of this as you do with most normal lubes as it works its way into the chainlinks and other components easily and any excess is easily removed.

After applying off I went on a lovely April day (raining obviously). I thought due to the lightness of this that it wouldn’t really last the ride, which was about 50 miles, mostly on roads with a few cobbles, bridleways and such thrown in (the joys of having a CX bike)! During the ride everything was as smooth as it had ever been with gear changes being smooth and quiet. When I returned home I was impressed with the lack of build-up (the type you get when a heavy wet lube sticks all grit and dirt to your components) and the obvious presence of the lube still on my drivetrain!

This lube certainly gets a thumbs up so far and I’d imagine it performs excellently in dry conditions as well. From a cost effective point of view this will save having to buy separate wet and dry lubes, it is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage and penetration without too much wastage, the green colouring makes it easy to see where you have already applied it and it protects components without too much dirt sticking to it.

This will replace all over lubes in your tool box! It’s already taken over mine!