TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (James Burrows)

I was pleased with the bottle in which the TF2 performance all-weather lube came in, with an obligatory long dropper shape to allow direct application and the ability to sneak a bit of lube into those hard to reach places, and the bottle is also clear enough to allow you to see the amount of lube left in the bottle; a simple but welcome trait that is lost on most lube manufacturers.

The lube itself, with a green tinge to aid application, clung and performed well despite being fairly thin. Although my chain did seem to have a slight amount of dirt, the actual rollers on the chain were clean and I suspect that watching Weldtite's how-to video for oiling the chain (again) would allow me to apply the lube better and gain better results as I'm sure, in hindsight, I didn't wipe off as much excess lube as I could have.

Although I only went for a ride in the dry, it was nice to know that if the heavens did open (which living in England I'm sure they will) that my chain and gears would still perform exceptionally well.