TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Jari-Matti Auttila)

First contact: TF2 performance applied to the chain and derailleurs. Snowy, -7°C degrees. in the morning. The bottle is perfect! Thin and long nozzle is a huge improvement to the old style bottle. Easy to use with derailleurs with limited space around them. I took some photos just so you could see the conditions where it is to be tested. You can see the ice frozen to the frame, and so it does to the drivetrain.


Bike chain and pedals with TF2 lubricant

I've been riding 60 kilometers (38 miles) since applying the lube and at -9°C in the morning. In these temperatures most other lubricants start to feel stiff, causing minor shifting problems. Cables are running smoothly. Shifting problems in these temperatures are usually caused by too much too thick lubricant in the cables. When you release, the derailleur spring does not have enough power to pull the cable. With TF2 Performance I didn't have any problems.

When the temperature is 0°C - this is the worst scenario. Usually temps around zero means problems. Not today. The chains are still fairly lubricated after 80 km (50 mi), which I find an excellent result!

Now at +4°C the snow is melting, dirt is everywhere. The images below demonstrate two exceptional feature of TF2 Performance: The water does not get into chain, instead it forms small drops. All you have to do after a ride is to lift the bike and drop it, and the water is off from your chain and derailleurs! Even though the chain side plates gather quite much smudge, the rollers are quite clean! Usually the chains would show some signs of rust at this time, but I couldn't find any.

Bike chain with TF2 lubricant

So where does it all add up?

While the total test length of 210 km (131 mi) doesn't sound very long, you'll have to know that during the winter the roads are sanded and salted, and when it starts drying up, the dust really gets into the drivetrain. That's also what makes the chains look dirty: normally one should wipe the chain clean after lubricating. And that's how I'll do it during the winter and summer, but during springtime I'll only wipe the chain lightly, so that the lubricant protects the side plates from flying road salt. Now that I've seen how effective this stuff is, I think I'll try wiping them clean from now on.

As a conclusion I think TF2 Performance lasts about one quarter longer than "standard" TF2, which I have been using until now. Also, it penetrates the chain much better than most of the chain lubes I've used even in cold. Some lubes tend to freeze in -5°C (for example TF2 Extreme does this), TF2 performance didn't. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test this in really cold conditions, but based on it's behaviour I believe the "all weather" in the package label is true.

The derailleurs were smoother with this than with other lubricants. With other lubes the water still gets into the derailleur and when it freezes, it means problems. All those problems were gone now.  I also lubricated the cables with TF2 Performance, and they worked perfectly. However, the cables were brand new, so an actual test on used cables would have been in place.

The bottom line is that TF2 Performance is going to be my main lubricant from now on. It just works.