TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Martin Pounder)

We used TF2 performance lubricant earlier in the year at the Maxgear racing camp to great success before the product was available – we used it in just about every type of weather that could be thrown at us!

This week, we’ve been using the lubricant, along with other Weldtite products whilst we have conducted testing of our new product range 4ZA components from Ridley.  The lube has had to deal with mud, grit rain and the odd river crossing! 

I can confirm our chains continued to shift perfectly with very little sign of wear and once cleaned and relubed, we were ready for the next day. The lube has just the right consistency to provide a perfect coating for all day all weather riding.

A great product and I look forward to testing many more!