TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Richard Behague)

The product has been on test for approximately one month, however during that month I did encounter problems with my rear shock so riding time was not as abundant as normal.

Initial impressions are good, the bottle is a nice size and shape, very easy to hold and keep a good grip on which I find is essential when you struggling to reach the nozzle into awkward areas of a bikes running gear.

Speaking of the nozzle, this is something so many manufactures get so badly wrong. This is not the case here. Many of the lubes available come in a similar sized bottle with a long pointed cap, from the outside all appears well, once you remove that cap that’s when the problem reveals itself, a small stubby point for a nozzle, this is neither use nor ornament as I’m sure many people have said. Too wide or too short to fit into tight areas in the bicycles drive train, OK for dripping onto a chain, but not much else.

What Weldtite have produced is a superb nozzle, nice and long, tapering to a relatively small point at the end.

The picture with the chain and jockey wheel gives a good idea of the size of the nozzle end, in my opinion all lubricant nozzles should be like this.

Moving the bottle around in your hand whilst watching the liquid inside shows quite a light fluid, leaving a decent film of green lube on the inside of the bottle.

The vast majority of people, including myself, will find the main use of this product to be as a chain lubricant. Of which the market is flooded with numerous types, however usually season specific. You have your dry and wet styles, aswell as the emerging wax and ceramic types.

The TF2 All Weather lubricant is branded as an all year, all weather type. Something everyone should be looking for. Upon application to a freshly cleaned chain the green lubricant emerges at a very consistent rate from the nozzle with just gravity helping rather than requiring a squeeze of the bottle. Full coverage of both sides of the chain takes virtually seconds.

After a few quick spins of the cranks the green fluid has soaked straight into the chains links. A final wipe of the chain leaves a basically dry chain perfectly setup for running.

Something that this lube isn’t is sticky. Normally wet lubricants I find are very sticky and messy, this is best seen when spinning the cranks to help distribute lube through the chains links, it forms strings from the lower jockey wheel to the chain. The TF2 showed absolutely no sign of this, transfer was present on the teeth of the jockey wheels and the rear cassette sprockets. But only a slight film, exactly the same as the chain itself after a few revolutions. Less sticky messy lube coating parts equals less for dirt, mud and grit to stick to.

I also used the lubricant on both front and rear derailleur’s and the cables running to them. I run fully sealed outer’s on the KHS so the only exposed inner wire is where it enters the mechanisms.

A quick dab of lubricant on my finger tips and rubbed along both pieces of inner wire was more than sufficient.

I do have issues with my rear mech, a SRAM X9 10spd, sticking in first gear after a good clean. The tolerances on the higher spec SRAM mechs are much tighter to allow for the greater shifting performance, but unfortunately this does mean that they require more care and maintenance than for example an X4.

I find the 4 pivot points do need a good dose of lubricant to keep the mech shifting smoothly and correctly, otherwise it does suffer in the extremes of its travel, i.e 1st and 10th gears.

The TF2 lubricants low viscosity is perfectly suited to this task, a quick dab of lube on each of the points, again the nozzle shape helps a lot here as the two pivots on the underside are difficult to reach without resorting to turning the bike over, and the fluid quickly penetrates into the pivots.

Since using the TF2 I have experienced no issues of sticking or slow shifting as a result of basically a clogged up mechanism.

The conditions I have encountered over the past weeks have been a mixture of bone dry, dusty trails, to soaked through mud, with some thick sticky clay thrown in for good measure.

None of which have really presented any great problem to the TF2 All Weather.

I am finding the chain appears fairly clean after a ride with a mixture of moist loamy soil and dry hardpack, a trait normally produced by a dry lubricant.

And after a ride in the usual April showers the chain wasn’t left bare to rust away ungracefully, the lubricant showed its ‘wet side’ as it were and stayed firmly where it was. A quick wipe down after a ride showed there was still some lube left in the rollers and links of the chain.

Durability wise I normally went around 2-3 rides in the real muddy conditions before I felt the need to reapply, with the dry running it was more like 6-8. With my old wet lubricant I reapplied after every ride as there was usually nothing left.

As far as an all weather lubricant I find the TF2 excellent. It exhibits all the positive traits of both Dry and Wet styles without any of the drawbacks.

The ability to keep the chain clean, ala Dry lube, but without the feeling that your drive train is bone dry and slowly rubbing itself away, along with that horrible creaking noise.

And the staying power of a Wet lube, but without getting in a sticky mess every time you apply.

TF2 also represents good value for money, after the first couple of uses I had hardly made an impact into the bottle.

I would expect any lubricant I purchase to last at the very minimum 6 months, with 3-4 rides per week. The TF2 is well on the way to lasting considerably longer than that.

In conclusion I am very pleased with TF2 All Weather Lubricant. It is perfect for the rider who doesn’t want a shed full of different bottles for every type of weather and trail.

It’s simply the only bottle you will need all year, I can happily say this is now my go to lube for the foreseeable future.