TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Roger Prestidge)

I have been testing the lube mainly on my road bikes over the last 2 weeks as I’m currently putting in the miles training for my first triathlon - I’ve been using it on my single speed cross bike and geared road bike so it’s being well tested.

The last 2 weeks have been very up and down weather-wise in Bristol so it was a great time to try this lube out as it is stated as an "all weather" lube.

My first impressions is that it is a very light oil so I was worried about it not staying on the chain and if it did, I thought it might attract lots of dust off the trails - but this is not the case, when I got home from both my commutes and off road jaunts the chain still has very little in the way of dust and dirt build up so a quick wipe and re-apply and sorted. Great!

One improvement that Weldtite have made is the new packaging; the applicator nozzle is a lot more direct and controlled compared to previous designs.

But, do not think this is just a chain oil, as I do all my own workshop duties I also have been using it on/in cables, shifter pods and striped down cartridge bearings etc., all so far have been running lovely and slick with no build up that I have found with dedicated wet lubes I have used in the past.