TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Steve Air)

I am (have been) a serial none bike specific product user, WD40 or equivalents, 3 in 1 oil, spray white grease; oh the shame! Part of the reason for this is that I use these products at work and they have worked fine.

Like most of us I suspect I have my best bike and my getting to work bike and then the kid’s bikes. I have used the TF2 on all of them to vary the conditions it is exposed to.

In no particular order I have noticed these positive points:

The product runs well without too much dripping. The green colour helps to show where it is.

I left a chain I had soaked in TF2 out of the product to ‘drip dry’ and the product was still clearly visible on the chain. On another chain I applied it in the manner of running the gears in freewheel and drip applied to the chain and gears. In this case there was not too much ‘spray-off’, hardly any really. It did clean the chain too as dirty excess product that eventually had to fall off the chain ring and derailleur was dirty.

Last night we had a very wet TT event around the Pines forest. Wet, gritty mud and a lot of heavy rain! Long story short my bike was left wet and cold in the conservatory over night with no TLC until today. The chain took some abuse in the conditions, its colour this morning? Certainly not the orange I would have expected! Just the normal chain colour. I couldn’t see, nor would I dream of expecting to see any green from the product but something clearly kept the water off and protected it.  I had odd patches of surface orange but they would be from previously neglected surfaces clearly more susceptible to surface corrosion. I’m sure a new chain would fair even better.

During last nights TT I also noticed the chain was definitely quieter, even at the end, not because the rain drowned out all sound, but I did think at one point, oh pads gone then and realised I’d not thought ‘bugger me chain will be screaming!’  I also lubed up my rear mech, and had no shift issues and even with XO I do sometimes get the odd rubbish shift, coincidence maybe but with the chain running better I’m linking it all together and giving the star to TF2.

The bottle is a handy size to carry on longer poor condition rides, with a just long enough nozzle to apply it with. I would like to see a more positive way of closing off the nozzle as once used a few times the plastic threads for the cap lose their bite and the lid spins a little looser than when new, resulting in a less secure closure. A small gripe but it could be a messy one!

In summary: I will be buying this product! A great chain and general lube.