TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector (Steven Green)

This oil could not have arrived at a more opportune time, my single speed commuter bike needed a new chain, and due to operator error (changing gear whilst climbing a hill) so does my full suspension.

However, I had just bought a bottle of 'chain wax' so I was interested to see how they compared, on first application I was disappointed at the size of the nozzle. I thought it would be too big to apply the lubricant with any accuracy, however after 3 weeks of use I have got the hang of it but if I am trying to get the oil into a gear/brake cable I am still losing more than using. 

In comparison to the 'Chain Wax' I find it more durable and less likely to attract and hold onto road/trail grit. However I do find that if loading the cycle into the back of a car, the Lubricant does transfer to the interior upholstery a little too easily. All in all, I have cycled over 100 miles using TF2 Performance Lubricant and will be using it for many miles to come, Overall Score 9/10,  only let down by the nozzle being too big for accurate application, maybe it’s possible to supply either two nozzles or a 'cut your own hole' similar to bottles of super glue. The lubricant smells like real oil too, which brings back memories of changing the oil on my father’s car when I was young.