TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

Postman Pat dropped me a Weldtite package the
 other day, and I started testing the two included
 products immediately. Those being Dry Wax chain wax and TF2+ Dry lube.

First, the wax.

Actually, I have used this 
earlier quite a lot, so I know the correct
 procedure, applying the dry wax is quite a
 process. The chain has to be completely clean, I
recommend ultrasound cleaner or very heavy
 Dirtwash citrus degreaser cleaning at the least.
 After the chain has dried up completely, the
 waxing may begin. I tend to apply the wax while 
the chain is in place, slowly rotating the
cranks. A small amount of wax has to get into
 every chain roller, and after it has gone there,
 the chain has to be rotated a few revolutions.
 After that one has to wait for a few hours for
t he wax to dry, and repeat the waxing procedure.

 So it takes a nice half a day to get a good wax 
in your chain, but it's all worth it!

"normal" dry lubes don't collect much smudge,
 this does not collect any of it! The chain stays nice 
and clean for hundreds of kilometers, I'd say at least three times the life of TF2 Performance 
treatment. and after that you can simple wipe the
 chain clean with a rag, and apply another layer of wax to keep running!

 One extra bonus: our kids have derailleur bikes,
 and sometimes the chains drop off. Earlier the
 mess was horrible. When a five year old girl puts
 the chains back on, wipes her hands on the edge
of a summer dress and the rest on her blonde 
hair, even Chuck Norris would be scared of the
sight! Dry Wax took care of that. Now she can 
handle the chains without (well, almost) smudging her hands!

 Of course, there are always two sides in each
 thing. While this sounds like a perfect way to
 keep the chain up to date, in my opinion it makes
 the chain a little stiffer. On hub gears, fixies
 and single-speeds that's not a problem, but with older (by that I mean five or more years old)
 derailleurs, there will be an impact in the
 shifting performance. New derailleurs with fresh
springs are not a problem, but old derailleurs 
with low power springs may spend some time
t hinking before the chain shifts to another sprocket.

Now the dry lube: rather awesome product. This 
does not attract much grime, and the shifting is
perfect! Very smooth indeed! It's almost like
it's not there, it's just doing it's work. This
is also very easy to apply, because it is so thin.

However, it does not last very long. It has to be
added after each trail ride, if there has been
 any water during the ride. For real trips I'd say
 it loses performance in about 200 km. For me,
 that's not a problem. For someone else it might 
be. I havn't tested this on road bikes, because I 
don't have such, but I could imagine this being 
the best lubricant for a fast road bike.

I use the chain wax for kids bikes and our cargo
 bikes. I think it would be perfect for example
 long tours, because you don't have to care about 
it much. It is designed for those who don't want
 to mess with oils very often. It is an
 apply-and-forget product. For my enduro rig I 
have been using TF2 Performance all year long,
 but now I think I will start using the TF2 Plus Dry 
when the forest gets drier.