TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

Been using both the TF2-Dry Wax and the TF2 Plus Dry with Teflon over an extended period on both Road and Mountain bikes.

As with all chain lubes they should be used on a well cleaned chain. The lube should be applied on the inside as the centrifugal force distributes the lube evenly into the chain.
TF2 – Dry wax. (Used on Road Bike)
The wax was easy to apply and the light green colour made it easy to see where it had been applied. The chain ran nice and quiet and did not pick up excessive amounts of dirt
As with all wax, I found it needs to be applied every ride. Not a problem in my case as the chain is cleaned and lubed every ride.
On the odd wet ride the lube performed as well as in the dry.
TF2 Plus Dry with Teflon (Used on MTB)
The lube was a bit thin and messy to apply at times it seemed as though there was as much on the garage floor as on the chain.
Once applied the lube soaked in well to the chain and gave a smooth and quiet ride. Performed well on the MTB in a mix of weather conditions. 


Overall two great lubes to keep the chain running smooth.