TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

I received these products just after a warm sunny week in Scotland so was the perfect time to test them out. I started with the TF2 Dry Wax as it is something I have never came across before. De-greased my chain and applied the wax. I would recommend that you read the instructions as it says you need to put on two coats and let dry between coats. As usual I didn't read the instructions and applied only one coat. Regardless I really enjoyed using the wax! It’s a light green colour which makes it easy to see where you have applied it to use only as much as is needed. Once dry it acts as a wax coating on the chain which repels water and dirt even in harsher weather. Being in Scotland the weather took a turn for the worse yet my chain stayed clean and smooth! I feel that the wax is designed for the chain only and I would be hesitant to use it on other moving parts such as the derailleur. Great for MTB and roadies alike!

The TF2 Dry Lubricant seemed to pick up more dirt than the wax but I was using it in muddy rainy conditions which it is not designed for. The lubricant was more runny than the wax and caution should be made when applying. The consistency was great for getting into moving parts in the derailleur. The lubricant had a rather "chemically" smell to it and I was a bit concerned as to how it was affecting my components. Being a dry lube I didn't trust it for heavy MTB use in Scottish weather but once summer comes around again (if it comes round again) I would trust it to keep my chain moving.

Overall I would recommend the wax between these two products for use on the chain. I plan to clean my road bike today and use the wax on the chain and the dry lube on my derailleur.