TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

OK, so we’ve had a good spell of dry, dusty trails, nothing better than stopping at the pub at the end of the ride and having dust stuck to the sweat on your arms and legs… but the dry grating squeak of a chain that is clean and not lubed is the worst noise to hear in the summer, we all know that noise… and we all know why it happens, don’t want to put lube on my clean chain because it’ll attract the dirt and go black and it’ll be filthy in no time.

Having never used a dry lube before (no need, it’s been raining down for as many summers as I can remember) I was quite excited when my package arrived from Weldtite, just as the dust was settling on that days ride… so it was time to clean off the bike and try them out

TF2 Plus with Teflon Surface protector – good for cables (used on 4x)

Stripped my 4x bike down just before a race and decided to give this a go, I like the fact the nozzle is cable friendly. The weather had been dry all week, the track was running dry according to reports, and there was wall to wall sunshine forecast for the weekend. This bike doesn’t get as much wet weather abuse as my other one, is made for going fast and racing, so ive never suffered from dreaded black chain, but I hate the rough chain noise that comes from a dry chain, I want everything to run smooth and quiet on race day!

I’m only running a right shifter so there wasn’t much cable to lube up, but I thought I would give it a go, see if it stopped the dust clinging to it. Have to say, I’m impressed,  kept me smooth and quiet on the chain and super smooth shifting all through the race, and its still going well after a quick hose off, which, it shouldn’t do, but it did, so, if you apply it carefully and thoroughly, it will do you well, thumbs up Weldtite!

TF2 Dry Wax with Krytox (used on Meta)

Oh, it’s a funny colour, this is different, best read the instructions then! I applied it to a clean dry drivechain and let it dry over night before heading out the next day on a lovely summers morning. Buzzing around cycle paths and quiet farms tracks my bike was quiet (for a change), I was out for two hours and was quite impressed, you have to let it dry thoroughly before riding, and wipe off any excess or it just builds up a waxy glob in the jockey wheels, overall though, impressed as I still had a nice clean drivetrain at the end of the ride, went out and hit some dusty trails that night (too nice to stay in) so hammered some cheeky local trails, sneaky stuff, and very dusty stuff!! Still all good, quick pub stop then the last sprint home via the ford (which was pretty low), just before getting home the chain started to sound rough, but it was still clean, the ford crossing had washed the lube off… but the lube had done its job, and next time I will put more than one coat on. No big issue, just reapplied more lube when I got in, chain was still clean! I would rather have to reapply regularly to a clean chain than wear things out by not lubing enough, or having dirt stuck to my drivetrain from using a non-dry wax. Overall, yeah, I’d use it again.