TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

First, the TF2 Plus Dry Lube: I tested the first week TF2 Plus Dry Lube in this hot weather, and also humid, and I have to admit that it worked pretty well! Before applying it, I cleaned my chain with a Citrus degreaser to take off the chain and the gears any dust, dirt or any other particles. Then while spinning the chain, I applied the lube on the chain. It is necessary to notice that because it's thin, a rag might come handy so it won't drip all over the place. After the application, I left it for a few hours to dry and ''bond'' with the chain and gears.

While riding later outside, the lube worked very well, no noises, no friction at all and the gear shifting was smooth. At the end of the ride, the chain didn't have much dirt on it, so wiping it off with a rag again, was easy enough to remove any minor dirt. I must say that due to its thinness, if you splash along a few puddles, the lube might wear off a little faster. And also the fact that you need to re-apply after like 150km more or less, depending with the location, temperature and conditions under you ride, and of course how much demanding you are with the product.

In a really hot and humid environment where I ride, I applied it 2-3 times whilst testing it and the rides were smooth and the lube did the job great! 

The TF2 Dry Wax with Krytox:
 After I was done with my testing on TF2 Plus Dry Lube, I switched to TF2 Dry Wax with Krytox. I cleaned again the chain and the gears/cassette with a citrus degreaser and let it dry. After that, I applied the Dry Wax along the chain and I have to note here that applying it is a more detailed procedure than the application of TF2 Plus dry lube.

With the Dry Wax, you need to apply it in every link of your chain and then let it sit there for a while and dry so to bond as best as possible with the chain links. I used some TF2 Plus Dry Lube on the cassette too to make things function smoother. After a few hours, I took the bike for some rides and noticed that it worked perfect. No screeching, no weird sounds at all and the chain was moving very easy along the cassette. The only thing I noticed is that every time I get the bike, at the beginning the chain is a little stiff. After a few minutes it's perfect and everything works great. So bearing this in mind, this Dry wax might not be a good idea to use while biking in colder weather conditions.

Another thing I want to point out is that at the end of each of my rides, cleaning the chain was easy as ever just by passing it through with a rag. I would recommend both products to anyone but both would work better in warm weather, and especially the Dry wax!

The only bad thing I noticed is that the bottle caps could be made better so lubes and bike oils which are thin like TF2 Plus dry lube, would not drip when applying it!