TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

A little while back Weldtite sent me over some Dry Wax and TF2 Plus+ to test.  With the fine and warm weather we were having at that time as we were actually having a summer, the products never got fully tested in extreme conditions.

But eventually the weather let me test in the wet as well. 

Dry Wax and TF2 Plus+ Dry

First thing that is blatantly obvious is there are two very different products. One being a wax based lubricant and the other is Teflon based (more your usual lube). So what would be the different uses? Best conditions of use?

So first I tested using the Dry Wax on both road and MTBikes, after giving the drive train a good clean I applied the wax and set to using the bikes. The wax worked amazingly well on the road bike lasting extremely well. The wax gives the drive chain a good protective layer which copes well with dry and wet conditions.  However, I found the wax does wear off the quickly when used on the MTBike due to the grit, dust and mud.

The Teflon based dry lube is excellent at shedding water from those sudden and unexpected showers when out on the road or MTBike, this reduces the chances of grit and dust sticking to the drive train. This made it a better choice for the MTBike, whilst I used the wax road bike right up until the weather finally turned wet.

I found both products great, but have different uses. I also found using them in combination applying the wax first and then Teflon as the outer coat worked very well to increase the protection given to the drive train even in the current very wet and muddy conditions.

The only real con with the wax is the drive train needs to be extremely clean before applying it, otherwise it doesn't adhere to the chain well.

Both products are great and will compliment your toolbox well.