TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

A little out of sync with the other product already reviewed but here it is!

I've used the Dry Wax Krytox+ lube and love it! I use it when dry and not so dry out on our trails, which to be fair are not often dry eh!
 This stuff will give you a noticeably smoother quieter running gear set up. Don't go mad with it once you have some on your chain as you will waste it and get a bit of build up of excess product. I like to use the red lid dry lube on my rear mech rollers. It gets in the gaps and helps keep the trail wet and rubbish out!
 Whenever I've used the wax on a ride that's turned wet my chain has always faired better by morning after being neglected overnight, no orange good morning form my chain! Less dirt and grit sticks to chain and gears so has got to help with keep chain life. I've loved this product since being introduced to it. Get some!