TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox


First the chain wax. I normally use wax based chain lubes for all my riding, either Squirt or White Lightening. I've found they work really well for most of the year, even in the winter. I like that the chain needs much less cleaning, and the Squirt stuff can even by removed using a kettle of boiling water for extra environmental friendliness. I had a big biking trip planned to Iceland at the start of August so I thought it would be the ideal place to test the wax lube. The riding was amazing, and the scenery was other worldly. It was very dry, and most of the riding involved kicking up volcanic dust and riding through the odd stream.

I thoroughly degreased the drivechain, let it dry then applied two coats of the wax lube. I was a bit disappointed on the first ride, as by the end the drivechain was dry and sounding rough. I re-applied more wax lube and it was OK for half of the next days ride, but the same issue again. The drive chain stayed nice and clean but the lubrication wasn't long lasting. I tried the wax when I got home in dry conditions. It seemed to last slightly less than a good ride where as I normally reapply my usual wax based lubes every other ride. So overall this isn't something I'd use or buy. It didn't perform in my local conditions or in a very dry and dusty trip to Iceland.


I tried the TF2 Plus Dry Lube for some local mountain bike riding on mostly dry trails but the odd bit of water and mud. It seemed to work really well, the drivechain stayed nice and clean and well lubricated for the duration. It wasn't quite as easy to apply as the wax lube as it's difficult to see what has been coated and what hasn't. It's also good on the road bike for dry conditions and really helps stop the chain getting coated in gunge. I would definitely recommend using it for dry riding over any wet lube as it will keep things moving nicely without collecting dirt. It seemed to cope with some mud and water, so I wouldn't rule it out for mixed conditions or trail centre riding where there tends to be less mud.