TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector and TF2 Dry Wax Chain Wax + Krytox

Due to the lovely hot dry summer weather we had been getting, the lovely people at Weldtite decided to send us a couple of dry lubes to review this time. Unfortunately for us in Scotland they arrived just as a very large wet patch took over from the nice weather we had been getting, not really what these lubes were designed to be used in but at least it put them to a very hard test.

TF2 DRY WAX   This comes in a nice clear bottle and with the light green colour of the lube it makes it easy to see how much of your precious lube juice you have left which is never a bad thing. So I cleaned and degreased my chain, let it dry and then slowly applied it drop by drop to every link on my chain, let it dry for a few hours and then repeated as per the instructions on the bottle. The application process was mess free, the hole in the bottle is the perfect size for the thickness of the lube and this made it completely mess free to apply, no drips of lube all over my garage floor which is good as I hate wasting good lube. I let mine dry overnight and then next day it was playtime.

Hitting some trails near me I was not expecting too much from this lube to be honest as it was extremely wet at the time so I also packed a bottle of wet lube in my bag so I had it as a back up if I needed it. I am glad to say that the TF2 Dry Wax coped with everything I threw at it. Gear changes were smooth, slick and silent and my chain and drivetrain were silent. My chain and cassette stayed spotless. Most importantly though I have put in several hundred miles all off road using this lube in all conditions and not once have things started to get noisy or clunky on the bike. Most of my rides at the moment are between 25- 35 miles and this lube easily lasted the 35 miles in conditions that dry lubes probably should not be used in, not once did I need to get my back up wet lube out. This Lube amazed me, it really had no right to perform so well in the wet muddy conditions that it did.

TF2 Plus + Dry Lubricant with Teflon Surface Protector   The bottle for this lube was black so unfortunately you can view how much lube is left in your bottle. Again I cleaned and degreased everything before applying this lube. The application process was a bit of a let down. The hole in the bottle is simply far too large for this very thin lube and even without a squeeze on the bottle the lube simply rushes out and ends up all over the floor and everywhere it should not be rather than where you want it to be. I am not the greatest fan of throwing lube that costs me money away by tipping it on my garage floor.

That said these are my only two negatives and they are not negatives with the lube they are negatives about the all important bottle. The lube itself is thin which is good because it easily works its way into all the links, pins etc on a chain. Everything again ran silently with this lube but we expect that because it does have Teflon in it. Gear changes were great and the lube performed as I would want to perform. Conditions while testing this lube were similar to when I tested the wax based lube so again I was hesitant about how long this would last in the wet muddy conditions I was riding in but again it easily lasted an entire ride everytime. I lube after every ride anyway so once home the bike would get a clean and all my chain etc needed was a wipe down and lubed again although I would say that this lube attracted slightly more dirt than the wax based lube.

If I had to compare the two lubes and pick a favourite I would go with the TF2 Dry Wax as my winner purely because I can see through its bottle to see how much I have left and because I can apply it without wasting any due to the bottle hole being the correct size to apply drip by drip. The TF2 Dry Wax was also probably slightly more durable in the wet conditions I encountered. Both are excellent just one is let down by its bottle. My bottle of just in case wet lube has now been taken out my bag as I trust these 2 now.