Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Anthony Pease)

When I tore open the box (like a man does) I stood back and looked at this tool wondering what it did. Then I had to do that thing us men hate doing, I read the instructions! At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a useless tool to have but within seconds of sliding the removal tool around the tyre bead and popping my innertube out I was sold!

I was about to change my tyres to my DH tyres which are super tight on the rim and have already claimed the end to many of my tyre levers! With the fitting tool it was easy!! I must say my first impressions were that I will never use this, now I can’t take a tyre off or fit a new one without using it. So look out on the trails for a chap riding around with a massive tyre removal/fitting tool strapped to his back.

Also in this review goody bag was some Red Devil patches. I popped these straight into my rucksack ready for future use. It was about a week later I had a snakebite in Afan. They were super quick to use and held strong, which was great as I managed to get the flat tyre in the centre of midgetown. With the Welsh midges taking chunks out of me and wanting to repair the innertube quicker than a formula 1 team pit stop, I couldn’t have asked for a repair patch to do a quicker or better job.