Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Chris Walker)

I was unable to try the tyre lever at first because my bikes are all 20mm bolt through on the front and 14mm on the rear and not having a puncture didn't let me trial the patches either.

I have since tried them out on my friend’s bike who was more than happy for me to fix his flat tyre for him! I can report that the lever worked well and saved the usual messing around with spoons or plastic tyre levers - I could really see how useful it could be on tighter road rims. I have always been a fan of good quality tyre levers but will definitely be making a modification to enable me to use this tool with my Dh rims in the workshop. The patches worked well just like other self-adhesive types I have used and I will be buying more for my tool kit in the future. Only point to note is that like with all patches, cleanliness and being completely dry prior to application is essential.