Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Gary Tumilty)

The Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool from Weldtite  was rather large but looked very strong, sturdy and easy to use, all of which should combine to make a great piece of kit. So how did it perform?

Tyre removal and fitting tool

As I had my offroad tyres on the mountain bike I decided to give this tool a go to put a slick on to use whilst on the turbo! The reason I went for the MTB was because it gave me a better position to ride in that would allow for a better position and support of my injured hand!

Now imagine I'm in a splint, hand can't take any excess pushing or pulling pressure and I am not asking the other half to change a tyre! So I popped the tyre removal and fitting tool out of it's packaging and scanned the instructions! It all looked quite simple but I thought something tricky would arise, it won't all go to plan and be as easy as they make it out!

Well.... it was that easy! What can I say! The tool was so easy to use to take a tyre off and to fit a new one that I was able to do it practically one handed! It took me less than 10 mins from deflate to inflate and was honestly so easy! I usually struggle using 3 tyre levers and a lot of bleeps to get tyres on and off but no longer! I'd rate this product 10/10!

As I use my Ridley Cx bike for CX and for road riding I do tend to change the tyres on it quite frequently, now my task will take less time and effort, so thanks to the guys over at Weldtite for creating a strong, sturdy, easy to use tool!

The guys at Weldtite also sent me some Red Devil Repair Patches to test out, but since I haven't had a dreaded 'P' in a long while I was unable to review this batch...However, as I have used these before I can tell you how good they are anyway! I have had to use them once and they had me back on the trail again in no time, they are super fast and ultra reliable, the tube I used the patch on still holds air like it has never been punctured and the size makes them ideal for your saddle bag! Again this is another 10/10!

If you are stuck for space or want to keep weight down these really are small, neat and weigh nothing. In fact I've stopped taking a spare inner tube out with me and carry the small case these come in instead, they make repairing a tube as quick as replacing one! Honestly every rider should carry these just in case!

Finally, I thought I'd mention another piece of kit I own and one that comes on every ride (no surprise who manufactures it) it is the Weldtite Wedge Bag:

Weldtite wedge bag

It contains:

  • Jetvalve CO2 Inflator
  • Jetvalve CO2 Replacement Cylinder
  • Two Ezytech Tyre Levers
  • Red Devils Self Seal Patch Kit

All in all an excellent piece of kit made to an exceptionally high standard!

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