Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Grant Hill)

The tyre removal and fitting tool is a simple but inspired idea, essentially a big strong tyre lever attached to a long metal bar. A hole in the bar attaches to your hub and allows you to simply sweep the bar through a circle, which unhooks the tyre bead and makes removal very simple. As I'm exclusively a mountain biker I found this most useful for tight fitting 'tubeless ready' tyres that can be difficult to unseat with normal tyre levers. However, a major problem was that the tool needs standard quick-release-like hubs to work correctly - something that none of my bikes have. After grabbing an old skewer from my bits box I did manage to get it to work with the rear wheel, but not with the through axle front. If someone can come up with an adaptor for different axle types, this could be a really great workshop tool.

There's not a lot to say about puncture repair kits, but the Red Devil self-seal kit is a pretty good example. The patches just need the backing removing before application, no faffing around with glue. This also means the box is pretty small compared to the traditional kits. You get six in a pack, along with a piece of sandpaper, should keep me going for a while.