Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Jari-Matti Auttila)

When the tyre removal tool arrived, I was stunned! This tyre lever is so sturdy it could be categorised as a weapon in some countries!

However, I didn't need a permit for it, so I started testing it. I run Schwalbe Rocket Rons on DT Swiss EX1750's. The rim and tyre are UST, even though I prefer to use the old-school tube. They are tight. So I immediately placed very high expectations for this tool.

Normally, I tend to break at least one tyre lever when changing tyres. The changing of both tyres took about twenty minutes, with this tool it takes five. Here's how it goes:

First I placed the handle underneath the tyre. I separated the plastic handle from the arm. I found it was easier to get it mounted under the tyre this way, even though the instructions said otherwise.

After that, I slide the beam into the plastic handle so that it snaps securely in place.

Then I pushed it around, and the tyre was off. The removal was easy and took ten seconds. This is a tool one simply must have! I've seen and used, and broken, two other tyre tools which behave similarly to this, but this just doesn't break, and unlike the other brands, this works!

Placing a new tyre was just as simple, as seen below:

But even though this tool is probably the best in the market, and certainly the best I've come across, there is one thing I'd like to see added to it. Now the tool has three fitting holes in it. They are meant for 9, 12 and 15 mm axles. With the rear tyre it was easy touse the 15mm hole, but in the front I have a 20mm thru-axle. I put the 20mm axle in place, and placed the rear axle inside of it. After that changing the front wheel was easy. If future upgrades are made to the product, I hope to see 20mm axle loop in the tool. Or some sort of adapter anyway.

But the bottom line is that you should have this tool in your toolbox. I've changed a little bit more than ten tyres with it now, and love it more every time. I pass my everlasting gratitude for the engineer who came up with this - next time you stop by in Finland, I'll buy you a cup of coffee!

Red Devils Self Seal Patch Kit

Hmm. How to review a patch kit without a puncture? Well, this is how! Kids, don't try this at home. And to calm the nerves of everyone: this tube was already patched twice, so actual tubes have not been harmed during the testing process.

I made the puncture to the worst place for self-seal patches, namely to the seam in the tube. Is a patch starts to leak, it will happen from the seam. I took a patch, placed it to the carefully roughened area, and put the tube in place.

It has taken three weeks of commuting, trail riding and occasional DH-runs. That's about 300 km of riding. And it still holds. These patches are not meant to be temporary!

I have to say, I kind of expected that. I have had several different brand self-seal patches as never-leave-home-without equipment. But quite soon I ended up with Weldtite Glueless patches. They are the same patches as in this kit, so I had a lot of previous experience on these. But the Red devils patch case is much smaller and easier to carry around.