Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Peter Mccarthy)

When the tyre removal tool arrived I was pretty excited even though I had no idea what it was.  I have pretty difficult tyres to remove – it’s hard work! I'm always snapping tyre levers and after reading the instructions it seemed relatively simple to use so I set to work. That's when I became disappointed as the end that slips underneath the tyre snapped I must admit I was gutted. So I finished removing the tyre with levers maybe I got a dodgy one I'm not sure but this rendered the removal side useless when it came to putting the tyre back on the other side to this tool  was brilliant quick and smooth and done in seconds.

Red devil patches

It’s not uncommon where I live for local (muppets) skallys to smash glass everywhere including local trails so unfortunately I can get a lot of punctures  finding these patches in the box was a Brucey bonus for me there easy to use a lot faster than normal kits and take up less room everything you need to get you rolling again.