Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Richard Behague)

Looking at a very large package on the worktop when I arrived home one day I thought to myself, “what on earth could this be?”  After racking my brain trying to think of what id ordered the week before I gave into temptation and opened it up.

Upon ripping off the packaging I was greeted with the Cyclo Tyre Fitting and Removal Tool.

My first thought was perfect, need to take some tyres on and off so I can get testing straight away!!

After waiting for the near continuous rain to subside for more than 30 seconds I managed to swim to the shed and get the bike out.

Looking at the tool in your hand I have to say it looks very strong and the plastic slider looks well designed and thought out. It also has enough weight to feel strong but not overly heavy and difficult to use.

My current wheelset is a pair of Hope hubs built on Stans Crest tubeless rims. Anyone who has experienced these rims will be well aware of the tyre fitting issues that can occur with certain brands and types of tyre. Fortunately I have managed to sort out a few tyres that can be put on without too much hassle. However they would still provide a good test for the tool.

First job was to replace my front tyre, Schwalbe Nobby Nic, with a Continental Rubber Queen. After reading the included instructions I took the front wheel out and immediately hit a problem. My front wheel runs on a 15mm Maxle, there is no option on the tool for fitting that sized axle.

The rear is standard quick release, no problems there, I followed instructions to the letter.  Unscrewed the nut from one side, mounted the tool, replaced nut then stuck the tool in. I removed the tyre very easily and quickly. After remounting a couple of times by hand I got removal using the tool down to a fine art.

When it came to remounting the tyre however I seemed to struggle. I believe it was due to the shape of the beads on my rims. The Crests have quite a short wide bead area and the little hook on the tool struggled to stay attached.

The opposite side of the tyre also kept popping out when running the tool round. I think this issue could be overcome by using wire-beaded tyres as they are much tighter and tend to stay where you put them; folders are sometimes a bit ‘floppy’

Overall if you run QR axles both ends with tyres that can be stubborn to go on and off your rims then this tool can be of a use to you.

If you have managed to find a tyre/rim combo that is a good easy fit or run Thru-axle front and rear I wouldn’t recommend. Just too much hassle.

I was also sent a set of puncture repair patches. As I run tubeless these are currently sitting in my bag awaiting use when, or if, I ever need to fit a tube in emergency and puncture. But as I’ve only had to run one tube in a year of tubeless running I could be waiting a while to use them.