Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Sean Donaghy)

The tool is a great idea and makes a lot of sense if you are someone that likes to change your tyres a lot. It is very simple to use and the instructions are easy to follow - just make sure that the tyre is totally deflated and if it is well seated push it off the rim a bit. The tool lifts tyres off effortlessly and quickly. Putting a tyre back on is even easier and its really quick. The strong plastic leaver is able to cope with even the most stubborn tyres without snapping. I tried it on 2.2 XC tyres as well as 2.5 DH ones and it worked perfectly.

The only issue I had was the way the tool mounts to the wheel. The fitting holes are not big enough if you run a 15mm axles or above. If there was a way that it could be developed to work with Maxles and the likes it would be the perfect tool for any home mechanic as it cuts the time it takes to make changes and it keeps your anger at tough tiers at bay.