Tyre Removal & Fitting Tool (Steve Air)

Well! Great bit of kit - I’ll tell you why.

A few days before receiving the tyre lever I had fought to fit tyres with a none tubeless rim fitted with a Stan’s kit.  I like to use UST tyres as these seal much better BUT are a git to fit to normal rims!! We were due to race at Sleepless in the saddle the following weekend, the weather forecast as usual changed to rain! In fact, thunder storms, JOY.

After an emergency call to Paul at Arrow cycles who was our support for the weekend, I bought some narrow mud type tyres (which were fantastic by the way). Due to logistics I had the dreaded task of fitting them at the race, I was not looking forward to that!

I’ll be honest, watching the video of the chap fitting what looked like an easy tyre I thought “well, it’s easier and a bit quicker but not worst job to pop off a tyre from a loose wheel” but I tell you it was a revelation with the UST tyres!! Very effective and quicker! The tyre was not going on without the lever, we tried just to see how difficult a job the lever coped with. The tyre was very tight for the last bit especially as the rim is none UST specific. By the time we were on the last tyre bead we gained a smooth action that fed the bead on lovely.  The technique required a little more control of the black block by holding it and the silver lever part but without this tool those tyres were winning gold, we were out of the heats! (Sorry!) Remember this was doing a job it wasn’t really designed to address I suspect. On ‘normal’ tyres it is even easier to use.  If you have tubeless on rims that are tight GET THIS TOOL!

My wife has had the misfortune of punctures and if out with the kids etc. messing with tyre levers is a hassle. Not the end of the world but a hassle. I’m sure others have felt so.  What about a telescopic version with perhaps a little less stature for occasional use for back packs? My wife would definitely carry one until I get my backside in gear and fit Dr Sludge tubes. Happy riding!